Innovation Foundry – MIE is a collaboration of youth from India and the USA to support the My India Empowered (MIE) organization in the following ways:

  • rebuild the MIE school in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park in Mumbai using local materials; the one room MIE school was severely damaged by monsoons during the summer of 2010
  • develop a business plan to enhance MIE’s service/impact and achieve greater financial sustainability, taking into account its need to maintain nonprofit legal status in India and its need to adhere to other regulations when engaging in business transactions with organizations outside of India.
  • design a durable carrier to enable MIE teachers to store and transport learning materials to the MIE school

Innovation Foundry – MIE consists of three teams:

Mumbai team – My India Empowered founders Srishti Arya, Ritika Arya,  Priyam Datta and the team of MIE volunteers

Houston team – Javier Fernandez-Han and Peter Han

Cupertino team – National Technology Honor Society at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, CA (officers are Hung-Jen Wu, Japheth Wong, ….    advisor is Carl Schmidt)

Innovation Foundry – MIE is the first in a series of  future Innovation Foundries.

The Innovation Foundry concept is a project and method of collaboration founded by Javier Fernandez-Han and his father Peter Han. To put it simply, each Innovation Foundry is a collaboration between youth teams from around the world to solve a specific problem in a developing community.

(Javier – Co-Founder, Innovation Foundry) “My Idea is to gather a team comprised of capable, caring youth from all over the world. We will all work together to solve a real-world problem.”


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